Interactive Meditation

Mindfulness for Everyone, Everywhere Through Interactive Meditation

In the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, interactive meditation ushers in an oasis of calm via a series of simple movements.
Interactive meditation draws upon the principles of Mindfulness meditation to trigger the body’s rest & digest response, quickly restoring attention. Studies have proven that interactive meditation is more effective than guided meditation in busy, noisy environments. To reap the most benefits, practise for 20 minutes every day.

PauseAble is a mental wellness product and solution company. We help people take control of their energy and stress with our patent pending interactive approach. Together with our partners, we create our own products, and help others to enhance their products with calming capabilities to bring value to their customers.

Mindful Touch
It starts with a simple touch. Gently glide your finger across the screen of your phone. Beautiful visuals and melodic sounds focus and guide you to mindfulness. 

Mindful Swaying
With your phone in your pocket or handbag, sway gently, subtly, allowing yourself to be led by the sound. Perfect for your daily commute or when you’re waiting in line - easily practice mindfulness in all your spare moments

Mindful Walking
Every step you take can lead you on a mindful journey. Focusing on the sound, walk softly, slowly finding the right pace. Bring yourself to a state of mindfulness in the middle of the city, in the quiet of your garden, or even in your living room.


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